Emergency Water Removal Equipment: Speed Up The Job With The Proper Tools

emergency water removal hackensack, emergency water removal equipment hackensack, water removal hackensackIf you’re dealing with a large water disaster that has created flooding in your Hackensack home, time is of the essence. It is important to have powerful, durable and reliable water removal and extraction equipment ready and at your disposal. Don’t waste your time trying to dry up a large, wet mess with old towels, a mop, and a bucket. They will not get the job done right and will leave you with a more costly mess to repair.

Whether you’ve been victim to a burst water main, an overflowing river, or an uncontrollable leak within your property, quick action will help prevent secondary damage and can help keep costs to a minimum. When you have water damage in you Hackensack home, you will need emergency water removal equipment to get the water out immediately so that it doesn’t cause additional damage. Not only will standing water start to seep into the construction of your building (making it more complex to thoroughly dry), but if left to sit, cleaner water can quickly become more contaminated. Blackwater contains a variety of hazardous pathogens which can make anyone who comes into contact with it very sick. 

Emergency water removal teams also have heavy duty dehumidifiers and desiccants to further remove moisture from the air.  

High-Powered Emergency Water Removal Equipment

Emergency water removal equipment includes high-powered vacuums to remove liquid buildup within a building. Your water removal team will choose the proper water damage restoration machine to target any application that requires the fast removal of large quantities of water: after floods, hurricanes, severe wet weather events, burst pipes.

Some water removal systems are specially designed to extract water in a variety of damage restoration conditions and from various surfaces, including hard flooring and industrial carpeting.

If your disaster is even dirtier, a Sludge Extractor is capable of handling debris up to 1/2″ in diameter at an extraction rate of up to 30 gallons/minute. A homeowner has no tools available that could come close to the efficiency of professional equipment.

Emergency Water Removal Professionals In Hackensack

Each of the NJ Water And Mold service technicians has been trained and certified by the Institute for Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification (IICRC). This quality assurance process takes time, energy, and resources– an indication of the level of quality of the team. With our team, you can rest assured that they know how to handle your water, fire, storm, or mold issue with a full array of services.  

Visual inspection, moisture mapping, thermal imaging, viable and non-viable air and surface sampling, and bulk material sampling are some of the tools used to gather intel. From this information, our crew will develop a detailed mold remediation protocol and an accurate estimate for repairs. With precise starting measurements, the team can also measure post-remediation to document that the structure has been returned to normal mold levels before reconstruction begins.

NJ Water And Mold is a water damage company that provides services to residential and commercial businesses in Hackensack. When you experience an emergency, call right away to start repairs as soon as possible. NJ Water And Mold will be on the way in 60 minutes or less. This family owned and operated business also works with all New Jersey insurance companies to ensure that you are properly compensated and that everything goes smoothly.

NJ Water & Mold Offers Specialized Restoration Services

What Our Clients Say

Scot B. says

Ridgefield, NJ

NJ Water and Mold, LLC are great at what they do. We recently had a water heater leak that created a tremendous amount of basement damage. The crew came out quickly, assessed the situation and then begin remediation steps immediately. They left the basement in great shape.All the employees are extremely knowledgeable, detail oriented and most of all pleasant to deal with. I would highly recommend them to anyone that has a water or mold issue/problem.

Joyce M. says

Fair Lawn, NJ

The day I called nj water and mold co they had an adjuster here that evening taking pictures measuring etc. I had sewage back up in my basement. They promptly came in tore out walls and cleaned the entire area. I spoke to the owner Dennis who was very punctual and understanding in returning my calls . I was completely satisfied with the clean up and because of that I am now hiring them to repair my basement, In my opinion they definitely are a 5 plus Company

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