Winter Water Damage Cleanup – Prevention Counts

water damage cleanup fair lawn, water damage fair lawn, water damage restoration fair lawn There is a lot of carry over between common causes of water damage between the summer and winter months. There are, however, a few causes of water damage that are specific to the winter. If you are not aware of these dangers or don’t know what to do about them, you put yourself at unnecessary risk from flooding during winter. Below are five tips for avoiding winter water damage recommended by our water damage cleanup experts at NJ Water and Mold in Fair Lawn, New Jersey

Check Your Water Supply Lines Annually

Check for leaks from your hot water heater, washing machine, ice machine in your refrigerator, and any other appliances that can leak. Most water supply lines tend to last for about five years; you may want to replace rubber hoses with steel-braided hoses, which tend to last longer. 

Get Sewage-Backup Coverage. 

Heavy rains and melting snow can overburden the storm water system, causing water or sewage to back up into your house. Sewage and drain backups usually aren’t covered automatically under your homeowners insurance, but it may cost only $50, say, to add $10,000 in coverage. Also consider having a battery-powered back-up for your sump pump if the electricity goes out. Water damage cleanup gets more complicated when the source of the water is from a contaminated source like sewage water

Install A Water Leak Detection Device

A water detection device is a very simple and affordable tool. It is also the most effective way to be notified of an ongoing flood before it becomes too serious. If it detects an excess of moisture it will sound an alarm like a fire alarm so you know that you need to stop the flooding immediately.

Protect Your Pipes From Freezing

Frozen pipes are the most common winter water damage disaster. The good news for you is that no matter how cold it gets you can still prevent your pipes from freezing by being proactive. There are a number of different things you can do to keep them from freezing. These include putting insulation on your pipes, keeping your cabinets open to increase the warm airflow around your pipes, and dripping water from your faucets. Doing each of these things should keep your pipes unfrozen and your home water damage free. 

Repair Weak Spots On Your Roof

Your roof is especially vulnerable to leaking during winter due to the weight of accumulated snow. To avoid this, make sure you inspect your roof before the first big snow of the winter. If you find any missing or damaged shingles or any other weak spots you should call for help right away to have your roof repaired. You may want to consult with a water damage cleanup professional to make sure moisture has not caused a problem.

Professional Water Damage Cleanup In Fair Lawn

It’s impossible to guarantee that following steps above will alleviate any need for winter water damage cleanup. But, we can assure you that you can decrease the risk of water damage incidents  following the simple tips listed above. NJ Water And Mold in Fair Lawn is available 24 hours a day for your water damage cleanup needs. 

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NJ Water and Mold, LLC are great at what they do. We recently had a water heater leak that created a tremendous amount of basement damage. The crew came out quickly, assessed the situation and then begin remediation steps immediately. They left the basement in great shape.All the employees are extremely knowledgeable, detail oriented and most of all pleasant to deal with. I would highly recommend them to anyone that has a water or mold issue/problem.

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The day I called nj water and mold co they had an adjuster here that evening taking pictures measuring etc. I had sewage back up in my basement. They promptly came in tore out walls and cleaned the entire area. I spoke to the owner Dennis who was very punctual and understanding in returning my calls . I was completely satisfied with the clean up and because of that I am now hiring them to repair my basement, In my opinion they definitely are a 5 plus Company

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