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Patricia C.
Cliffside Park, NJ
December 29, 2020

-Extracted water from the basement floor.

-Thoroughly cleaned the floors and wiped all contents. 

-Applied antimicrobial solution to all affected areas. 

-Installed air scrubbers, air movers, and dehumidifiers to filter the air and dry out the space. 

Mary D.
Fair Lawn, NJ
December 22, 2020

Our first step was to packed up and moved out any contents in the basement, and protect the furniture with plastic covering. Then, we extracted any water from the floor and set up air scrubbers to begin filtering the air. After, we tore out any baseboards, drywall, and non-salvageable flooring, and thoroughly cleaned the areas. Next, we applied antimicrobial solution to all affected areas and installed air movers and dehumidifiers to promote drying. Before leaving, we made sure all areas were clean and dry. 

Daljeet S.
Jersey City, NJ
November 27, 2020

We installed a negative air fan and set plastic covering over the bed for protection. We then drilled holes in the wall and used special equipment to dry out the wall cavities. After, we applied a plant-based antimicrobial agent to the surface area and cleaned the floor. Once all was properly clean and dry, we patched all the holes and painted the wall. 

Margarette S.
Hillside, NJ
November 26, 2020

-Moved out any contents from the basement, and contained the space.

-Installed air scrubber to begin filtering/ cleaning the air.

-Removed anything affected by water damage, including drywall and flooring. 

-HEPA vacuumed and cleaned wall studs and floor. 

-Thoroughly cleaned the affected areas, and fogged with mold control.

-Installed dehumidifier to remove any excess moisture in the basement. 

Shawnte W.
Bayonne, NJ
October 29, 2020

We first started by moving out all the furniture, protecting the TV with plastic covering, and installing an air scrubber to being filtering the air. Next, we removed the light fixture and began removing the ceiling drywall, plaster, and wood lath. After, we tore out the carpet, as it was also damaged by the leak. We then HEPA vacuumed the entire room, and heavily cleaned all areas. We applied antimicrobial solution to all affected areas, and installed air movers and dehumidifiers to fully dry out the space. Before leaving, we ensured all was clean and dry.

Carla B.
Weehawken, NJ
October 23, 2020

In 3 phases, we emptied the basement, 1st & 2nd floors of all debris and contents, and thoroughly cleaned and sanitized all items and surfaces. After, we installed HEPA air scrubbers for duration of the job and cleaned with botanical disinfectants and HEPA vacuums.

Kaya C.
Cliffside Park, NJ
October 21, 2020

Our first step was to move out any contents that were in the way and protect furniture with plastic covering. Next we set up air scrubbers in the affected areas to begin filtering the air. We then removed any affected baseboards and drilled holes for wall cavity drying. As the wall cavities were being dried, we set up water extraction mats to dry the wood floors. After, we set up dehumidifiers and air movers to dry out any excess moisture in the affected areas. Once all was dried, we sprayed with antimicrobial solution and thoroughly cleaned the space.

Janmejai S.
Leonia, NJ
October 20, 2020

Our first step was to thoroughly clean the 1st floor bathroom where the sewage backup occurred, and applied antimicrobial solution to prevent any bacterial growth. After cleaning the bathroom, we moved down to the basement to start repairs to the affected areas. We first contained the area that was affected to prevent debris from spreading throughout the basement. Next, we set up a few air scrubber to filter the air as we tore out the affected drywall and insulation. After, we removed any carpeting that was affected by the sewage leak and HEPA vacuumed. Then we heavily cleaned the walls and floor and applied antimicrobial solution. Air movers and a dehumidifier were run until the space was fully dry.

Christian S.
Hoboken, NJ
October 13, 2020

-Moved out smaller bedroom contents.

-Placed tarps over the floor and plastic covering over any furniture left in the room.

-Tore out wet drywall, plaster, and wood lathe. 

-Installed a dehumidifier, air mover, and air scrubber to promote drying.

-Installed wood floor drying extraction mat.

-Cleaned walls, floor, and ceiling. 

-Applied antimicrobial solution.

Ed B.
Jersey City, NJ
October 1, 2020

We first set up a containment barrier in the laundry room and installed an air scrubber to begin filtering the air. We then removed the ceiling tiles and tore out any affected drywall. After, we HEPA vacuumed, cleaned all areas where mold was present. Lastly, we fogged with mold control before leaving. 

Jini L.
Emerson, NJ
October 1, 2020

-Contained the area where work was to be done.

-Protect contents with plastic covering.

-Installed negative air fans/air scrubbers to filter the air while demo work is done. 

-Remove drywall and insulation in all affected areas. 

-Installed dehumidifiers and air movers to promote drying of the space.

-HEPA vacuumed and cleaned all wall studs. 

-Applied antimicrobial solution to affected areas and fogged with mold control. 

Hyun K.
Fort Lee, NJ
September 28, 2020

Before starting demolition, we closed off the bathroom using plastic covering and set up an air scrubber to clean the air. Wet/damaged drywall, insulation, and shower tiles were then removed and discarded of. After, the bathroom was HEPA vacuumed and the wall studs, walls, ceiling and floor were all thoroughly cleaned. After cleaning, antimicrobial solution was applied and a dehumidifier & air mover were installed to assist in removing any excess moisture in the space.

Carol R.
North Bergen, NJ
September 28, 2020

Within the kitchen we moved out any smaller contents and protected the rest of the space with plastic covering. We then set up an air scrubber and began removing the portion of the ceiling that was damaged from the leak. We cleaned the cleaned the ceiling, applied antimicrobial solution, and installed a dehumidifier & air mover to dry the ceiling. Next, we worked on removing the tile & concrete flooring in the bathroom in order to access the area where the leak occured. We then cleaned the area, installed a dehumidifier and air mover to remove the excess moisture, and applied antimicrobial solution. 

Matthew D.
Jersey City, NJ
September 25, 2020

-Installed air scrubbers throughout the home.

-Removed kitchen cabinets and appliances to access affected drywall. 

-Removed all affected drywall within the kitchen, living room, bathroom, hallway, and closet. 

-Cleaned and HEPA vacuumed all areas. 

-Applied antimicrobial solution and fogged with mold control. 

Angela T.
Dumont, NJ
September 11, 2020

-Installed dehumidifier and air scrubber. -Removed drywall and insulation that contained water damage/mold. -Removed laminate flooring. -Thoroughly cleaned floor, ceiling, and walls. -Applied antimicrobial solution and performed one final cleaning.

Lydia N.
Cedar Grove, NJ
September 10, 2020

-Installed HEPA air scrubber. -Moved out any furniture and protected the floor with tarps. -Tore out wet drywall and insulation. -Cleaned floor and applied antimicrobial solution to the affected ceiling area. -Installed a dehumidifier and air mover to fully dry out the space.

Angel P.
Jersey City, NJ
September 9, 2020

-Installed air scrubber. -Protected cabinets with plastic covering. -Drilled holes in ceiling for wall cavity drying. -Applied antimicrobial solution to the ceiling. -Cleaned floors.

Cristen G.
Paramus, NJ
September 9, 2020

-Installed HEPA air scubbers to filter the air and general demolition took place. 

-Tore out any drywall as needed. 

-Removed all debris from crawspace and surrounding area. 

-Heavily cleaned & pressure steamed the floor and ceiling.

-Extracted water from floor.  

-Cleaned any mold that was found and sprayed basement with antimicrobial solution.

-Installed air movers to dry out the space. 

Susanne L.
Bloomfield, NJ
August 26, 2020

-Sealed off the rooms where asbestos was present. -Installed HEPA air scrubbers to begin filtering the air. -Tore out the area where asbestos was present. -HEPA vacuumed the ceiling studs, wiped them down, and vacuumed again. -Applied a layer of sealant to the ceiling. -Performed post testing for clearance.

Ranjana J.
Cedar Grove, NJ
August 24, 2020

Within the bathroom, we tore out any wet drywall, cleaned the floor, applied antimicrobial solution, and installed a dehumidifier & air mover. We then extracted water from the floor, wiped/ cleaned all wet items, and packed out all contents of the basement. After, air scrubbers were installed to filter the air and we began to remove and wet drywall, trim, and ceiling tile. Then we cleaned the walls and floor and applied antimicrobial solution. Once all was cleaned, dehumidifiers and air movers were installed to fully dry out the space. 


Zach S.
Fort Lee, NJ
August 20, 2020

We first wiped down, organized, and moved out all contents from the area of the garage that was affected. After, we set up plastic covering over anything else that was left in the garage. We then tore out a portion of the ceiling and walls that were affected. After, we HEPA vacuumed and thoroughly cleaned the walls, ceiling and floor. We applied antimicrobial solution and set up a dehumidifier and air scrubber to promote drying. 

Kathy M.
Scotch Plains, NJ
August 20, 2020

-Packed up all the contents of the first floor and basement.

-Removed the flooring and drywall of all affected areas.

-Installed air scrubber to clean the air.


-HEPA vacuumed.

-Cleaned the walls studs, floors, and surfaces.

-Fogged with mold control. 

-Installed dehumidifiers and fans to dry out the main floor and basement.

-Ensured all was clean and dry before leaving.

Samantha K.
Teaneck, NJ
August 12, 2020

-Removed broken tree branches and cleaned up the yard. -Protect room contents with plastic covering. -Installed dehumidifier, air scrubber, and air mover to begin drying out the room. -Lifted carpet for drying and disposed of wet carpet pad. -Tore out any wet drywall and applied antimicrobial solution to any affected surfaces. -Performed one final cleaning and ensured all was dried before leaving.

Kevin C.
Succasanna, NJ
August 12, 2020

First, we set up an air scrubber with a carbon vapor filter, which is designed for the removal of oil, hydrocarbons, odors, and vapors. Then we installed a hydroxyl generator to eliminate any order left from the oil spill. 


Roger C.
North Arlington, NJ
August 10, 2020

-Moved contents out of the office, placed tarp over the floor, and protected furniture with plastic covering. -Removed wet drywall and insulation from ceiling. -Applied antimicrobial solution and cleaned floor. -Installed air mover, air scrubber, and dehumidifier to dry out the space. -Drilled holes in the bathroom wall for wall cavity drying. -Applied antimicrobial solution and cleaned floor.

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Scot B. says

Ridgefield, NJ

NJ Water and Mold, LLC are great at what they do. We recently had a water heater leak that created a tremendous amount of basement damage. The crew came out quickly, assessed the situation and then begin remediation steps immediately. They left the basement in great shape.All the employees are extremely knowledgeable, detail oriented and most of all pleasant to deal with. I would highly recommend them to anyone that has a water or mold issue/problem.

Joyce M. says

Fair Lawn, NJ

The day I called nj water and mold co they had an adjuster here that evening taking pictures measuring etc. I had sewage back up in my basement. They promptly came in tore out walls and cleaned the entire area. I spoke to the owner Dennis who was very punctual and understanding in returning my calls . I was completely satisfied with the clean up and because of that I am now hiring them to repair my basement, In my opinion they definitely are a 5 plus Company

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