Water & Mold Damage Cleanup and Restoration in Tenafly, NJ

NJ Water & Mold provides the best mold remediation and water damage restoration services for homeowners and business owners in Tenafly and throughout northern New Jersey. Based in Ridgefield, our IICRC-certified crews provide 24/7/365 emergency response throughout the entire region, as well as the must-trusted mold remediation & restoration services to customers who have experienced water damage, fire damage, storm damage or sewer damage.

As a family-owned-and-operated company that has served our local communities since 2006, NJ Water & Mold is the company that gets the job done right for a customer-friendly price. Our co-founders, Dennis and Ada Chinea, have owned and built successful businesses for more than 32 years. NJ Water & Mold has cleaned up and restored hundreds of homes and businesses throughout Northern New Jersey, with lots of positive feedback from customers in Tenafly.

Whether you have had a fire, flood or mold contamination, we work with customers and their insurance companies to make sure claims are settled properly and efficiently. NJ Water & Mold has an A-plus rating with BBB, the highest industry standard, and is an 8-time recipient of the Angie’s List Super Service Award, with more than 100 5-star reviews.

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Services We Offer in Tenafly, New Jersey

Among the most popular services we offer to homeowners and business owners in Tenafly include:

When you experience water damage in Tenafly, our emergency crews are standing by to assist in your hour of need and will be on the way to your property in 60 minutes or less. Once on-site, we will provide a free water-damage estimate. NJ Water & Mold has earned an A-plus rating from BBB, the highest industry standard, and has more than 100 5-star reviews!

Count on NJ Water & Mold for Mold Remediation and Water Damage Restoration in Tenafly

For the past 15 years, NJ Water & Mold has set the industry standard for top-notch mold remediation and disaster restoration services in Tenafly and throughout northern New Jersey. As an 8-time recipient of the Angie’s List Super Service Award, we have built a legion of satisfied customers throughout our service region and we work with all insurance carriers. When you need our services, contact us online or give us a call at 844-964-1545 for more information about our products and services.

More About Tenafly NJ

The first European settlers in Tenafly were Dutch immigrants, who began to populate the area during the late 17th century. The name “Tenafly” itself is derived from the early-modern Dutch phrase “Tiene Vly” or “Ten Swamps” which was given by Dutch settlers in 1688. Other derivations cite a Dutch language connection to its location on a meadow

Today, Tenafly is home to attractions such as the Tenafly Recreation Park.

We provide services throughout Tenafly NJ, including 07670.

Customer Reviews from Tenafly
Ray M from Tenafly, NJ
5 Stars
Reviewed on Review Central
Jul 20th, 2020
Very professional. Family owned business with workers who were hard working, thorough,respectful and considerate especially with covid 19 precautions. Dennis was very responsive, respectful and easy to reach with any questions.
I would highly recommend the company.
Howard S. from Tenafly, NJ
5 Stars
Reviewed on Google
Feb 20th, 2020
Great folks! Excellent workers!
Deacon L. from Tenafly, NJ
5 Stars
Reviewed on Google
Oct 9th, 2019
The whole team at NJ Water and Mold is absolutely fantastic. We had a horrible sewer backup in our basement leaving a nasty mess. Axel came to our house within an hour of our call. He assessed our needs and had Ray and his team in our house the very next morning. They did an excellent job completing the work that day. They didn’t need my help and spared me this very unpleasant job of cleaning and disinfecting our basement. Ray checked on us each day until the basement was dry. I will always recommend this company for its excellence and professionalism. Thank you all for your superb work.
DGR from Tenafly, NJ
5 Stars
Reviewed on Google
Jan 15th, 2019
Dennis and Ada and their entire team at NJ Water and Mold are A+++ Professionals. We suffered a catastrophic water heater failure that resulted in significant damage to our home. Stressed, I called Dennis. He calmly walked me through the remediation and repair process and advised me that he could send his team to our home to begin work within the hour. Dennis is a man of his word! His team came to our house promptly and they worked diligently to mitigate the damages. Dennis and his team were exceptional. Dennis advised me what his team would do to remediate and repair our home, and Dennis' team did exactly what he said they would do--and they did it in a timely, courteous and highly professional manner. Additionally, Dennis worked directly with our insurance company. He promptly documented all the work performed, and prepared a comprehensive estimate of the needed repairs. We are so very grateful to Dennis and Ada and to their team! Overall, they were extremely courteous, highly professional, and they did a masterful job! If you ever suffer a water damage event, call Dennis and Ada at NJ Water and Mold. They are truly exceptional!
Matthias A. from Tenafly, NJ
5 Stars
Reviewed on Google
Jan 4th, 2019
After a major rain, power outage, and subsequent flooding our finished basement turned into a smelly puddle. After a number of calls and proposals we settled on NJ Water and Mold. The crew was extremely professional, efficient, and friendly. They worked fast, most everything was removed on the first day. The second days was about getting the rest out, and the basement power-washed and setup for drying. The third day was short: start drying and keep coming back to measure moisture until it is all dry.

Why the experience of a flooded basement and dealing with insurance claims, etc. is rather frustrating, we are happy at least to have had a quick and painless cleanup.
Tony R. from Tenafly, NJ
5 Stars
Reviewed on Google
Apr 14th, 2018
Extremely pleased with NJ Water & Mold. Considering I work at home, they were able to quickly clear out the floor and damaged areas without much noise and replace to better than new. More so, Mr. Chinea was able to work directly with my NJM insurance company and removed me from much of that intermediary back and forth. Thanks!!
Anthony R. from Tenafly, NJ
5 Stars
Reviewed on Angie's List
Nov 15th, 2017
Great experience overall, especially when I needed professional service asap. Dennis came out the next day after we spoke. He was courteous and understanding. He explained to me what needed to be done and scheduled his team to come out the next day to do the work. He also was fair on the price considering it's a small bathroom. His team came the next day. They were on time, friendly, explained what they were going to do, did a great job and left the work area clean. Ada, who works at the office, is worth mentioning because she was friendly and helpful when I had to submit payment info and also when I had some follow up questions and requests. I also appreciated the email receipt and pictures for easier record keeping. I highly recommend this company if you need the services they provide.
Doris L. from Tenafly, NJ
5 Stars
Reviewed on Angie's List
Oct 5th, 2017
At more than one property we needed mold remediation performed. One was a condo we were selling, another an apartment we were moving into where the prior tenant had neglected maintenance. Dennis Chinea, who owns the company, is a smart, calm, compassionate man who truly understands that mold can seriously affect some people's health. He understands you may be pretty nervous about getting the job done and getting it done right. His team leaders in my experience have been polite, hardworking, professional and helpful. They will put up a zipped barrier between you and the work to be done, run a pro-quality air scrubber (high volume HEPA filter I believe), vacuum carefully with a HEPA vacuum, neatly and completely remove damaged materials, discard them in a way that doesn't track dangerous debris through your home, wipe and/or seal exposes surfaces as indicated, and leave you with a much safer situation than you started with. In one job at an apartment they did for us, the prior tenant had allowed puffy mold to grow on shower caulk, had a moldy shower curtain, didn't vacuum often, and had air fresheners that covered the moldy smells--yet we were symptomatic visiting the apartment. We are profoundly sensitive to mold due to a disastrous situation at an earlier home. Yet for various reasons this was where we needed to move to from another apartment. We had Dennis' team come in after the carpets were taken out and HEPA vac every square inch and wipe the whole place with a plant-based mildicide that they offer as an alternative to the chemical one. Be advised that though it is natural it is strong and effective AND will take a few days to air out, during which time it's strong enough that it could affect sensitive lungs. For an entire apartment we were glad to not be living there yet! Later at the same premises a leak developed around a kitchen window and a partially rotted windowsill had to be removed. We knew from our condo disaster that once you disturb mold it becomes ten thousand times more active. No way were we going to have that done without the zipper barrier, the air scrubber, etc.! Our symptoms which we were experiencing while the windowsill was damp and before NJ Mold came and took it out improved rapidly within a few days of their work. This included fatigue for my husband and me, bone spurs for me and memory issues for him. You don't want mold around and we were so glad to have it out of there. When the carpenter came to begin the rebuild he noted that Dennis' team had done a very good job. Team leader Justin was in charge that day. Like with any contractor it never hurts to know that people are human. Make sure they know any of your concerns and before they zip themselves into the zippered area you could ask them to double-check that they have everything they need in there before they begin the work. Also be aware that an itemized estimate, while it specifies possible hours for different tasks, is to be taken as a fixed bid to do the fixed tasks. If it takes a little longer I think you can count on them to get it done. If it takes a little less you should assume the price is what was stated. It's not cheap to do this kind of work but they are sending a truck and at least two men for anything they do. I think the prices are fair given what's out there, and they do want to know that you are satisfied with their work, so be sure to contact the owner with any concerns. He is responsive on his cell phone and he wants his teams to meet your needs. No one wants to need their services but I would not hesitate to hire them again as they are honest, knowledgeable, respectful and diligent.
Laura O. from Tenafly, NJ
5 Stars
Reviewed on Angie's List
Aug 3rd, 2015
Let me star by saying that Dennis was extremely responsive and helpful even though he didn't directly solve the problem. We had been away for 2 weeks and returned to a horrendous smell in the basement. We noticed what we thought was some mold in our laundry sink (where our dehumidifier also drains). I cleaned the mold with chlorine and we left for the weekend. When we returned Sunday night the smell was worse. I called Dennis at 7:04pm, even though his hours are listed with a 7pm closing time (hours on a Sunday? who does that?). The woman who answered explained that we should open all the windows and let it air out for a couple of days. If there was still a smell, then it would be appropriate for him to come out and inspect. We did that, but the smell was so bad that I called back and left a message. To my surprise Dennis called back within 10 minutes. He didn't have his Monday schedule with him and said he would call back the next morning. That day, after completing his other scheduled commitments, he came over around 11:30. He examined the problem and explained that it wasn't mold creating the smell (naturally, I had no way of knowing what mold smelled like). He thought it was a sewage smell and recommended we call a plumber. The rest of the story has nothing to do with Dennis, but I don't want to leave you in suspense wondering what the problem was. The plumber came and found all the drains functioning properly, so he got a methane gas detector and found the source of the smell to be a leaking sump pump backup battery. Who would have thought?
Mary W. from Tenafly, NJ
5 Stars
Reviewed on Angie's List
May 7th, 2014
After a torrential downpour that brought several inches of rain in a matter of hours, our basement was flooded with four to five inches of water. It was not a pleasant situation to wake up to. So I called NJWM based on their reviews on Angie's List. Dennis Chinea picked up right away and after I explained our problem, promised to have a team out there in the morning. And, in fact, a crew of two arrived before 10 and quickly got to work. And that was on a day when the company got a lot of frantic requests for help. So we were grateful that Dennis made us a priority.

The crew from NJWM were complete professionals and extremely pleasant. They were at our house for the bulk of the day. They first explained the process in detail, how they were going to extract the water, what they were going to remove from the basement that had been damaged by water, the need remove some of the baseboards because they had gotten soaked and the chemicals they would apply to prevent a break out of mold After drying out the floor, the crew then proceeded to remove furniture, doors and other items that had been sitting in water and putting them in the garage. The things we decided we would throw out they put in a pile in the driveway. We asked about what they were applying to prevent mold and they assured us that it was not toxic. Fortunately, we had gotten rid of the water quickly, making it unlikely that mold would appear. At the end of the day, they left behind several blowers and dehumidifiers around the basement. And they took away a big chunk of the garbage. The crew came by the next day to check on the machines and take readings. And a day later they came and removed the machines and moved back the furniture that we had decided to keep. And they mopped the floor. Our basement is clean and, most of all, dry. Overall, though we wish it had not happened, we were delighted and impressed with the responsiveness and the quality of work provided by NJWM.
Completed Jobs from Tenafly
Wanda F.
September 21, 2019
We arrived onsite and moved all necessary contents out of the basement in order to start the remediation process. We then set up air movers, dehumidifiers, and air scrubbers to filter the air and remove the excess moisture. We extracted water from the floor and tore out anything that was non salvageable. We applied antimicrobial solution to all affected areas and heavily cleaned the walls and flooring. We cleaned all the contents of the basement, and moved them back into place.

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What Our Clients Say

Scot B. says

Ridgefield, NJ

NJ Water and Mold, LLC are great at what they do. We recently had a water heater leak that created a tremendous amount of basement damage. The crew came out quickly, assessed the situation and then begin remediation steps immediately. They left the basement in great shape.All the employees are extremely knowledgeable, detail oriented and most of all pleasant to deal with. I would highly recommend them to anyone that has a water or mold issue/problem.

Joyce M. says

Fair Lawn, NJ

The day I called nj water and mold co they had an adjuster here that evening taking pictures measuring etc. I had sewage back up in my basement. They promptly came in tore out walls and cleaned the entire area. I spoke to the owner Dennis who was very punctual and understanding in returning my calls . I was completely satisfied with the clean up and because of that I am now hiring them to repair my basement, In my opinion they definitely are a 5 plus Company

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